Yeelight Smart Led Color Bulb 1SE
Yeelight Smart Led Color Bulb 1SE
Yeelight Smart Led Color Bulb 1SE

Yeelight Smart Led Color Bulb 1SE

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  • Voice Control
  • 16 million colors
  • No hub required
  • Music sync
  • Timer and schedule

Integrate into your Smart Lifestyle

The bulb can not only be controlled through the Yeelight application, but also through artificial intelligence home assistants such as Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa.

Easy Setup and Easy Control

The smart bulb has built-in wifi and requires no hub; the directions for setup are
straightforward and require no professional installment.

Multitudinous Colors

With 16 million color choices available, you can select any color to cater your needs
and to synchronize the atmosphere.

Illuminate Exterior

The graceful and elegant greish purple differs from the typical white bulb. It lights up your room with mystery and uniqueness.

APP Remote Control Anytime Anywhere

Besides, all bulbs can be controlled through the Yeelight App. You can adjust bulbs
individually or synchronize several light bulbs. The App also allows long-distance
control, which enables you to manage whenever and wherever.

Adjust According to Your Need

The bulb is dimmable with adjustable color temperature. Not only can you use it as
a color bulb to bring more fun to your life, but also it can radiate warm white or cool
white lights with desirable brightness, meeting the daily illumination needs.

Entertainment and Convenience

The application enables entertainment features such as music sync that allows the
light to vibe with your favorite song. It also supports scheduling and timer that
allow you to preset lights.

Enjoy the Ease of Group Control

In the circumstances where you're using multiple bulbs in different rooms at home,
group control or room control via Yeelight APP can be quite necessary and helpful.
All the ease is at the fingertip.

Environment Friendly

With an estimated lifespan of 22 years, the Yeelight smart bulb leads in the industry in
both performance and quality, consuming only 6W.