Xiaomi Wireless Electric Hair Trimmer- Clipper - Shaver

Xiaomi Wireless Electric Hair Trimmer- Clipper - Shaver

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1. Combination will trim all hair in the same place to the same length. Thinning comb will
    trim part of the same hair. Pay attention to the distinction.
2. It is not recommended to use a thinning comb to trim very short hair.
3. Make sure to use the thinning comb once in each position,otherwise all hair here may be cut short.

* Titanium Coated Ceramic Knife, Pro Cutting Performance, Long-Lasting Sharpness;
* Multi-Layered Short Hair Trimming, 0.5mm-1.7mm Five-Segment Fine-Tuning Structure;
* 14 Fixed Length Combing Options,Adjustable Length 3mm-41mm;
* High and Low 2 Gear Speed Control, Suitable For The Whole Family, Fearless Of All Hair Types;
* Low Noise DC Motor,Strong Power, Lower Noise;
* Body Wash IPX7, Clean and Hygienic, Lack Of Fuel Reminder;
* The Lamp is Bright and Dripping Oil, Smart and Worry-Free, Ultra-Long Battery Life 2.5H Fast Charge, 180min Battery Life.

Properly Gripped, Precise Styling
5 stages of Finishing + 14 Stages of Combing Length Adjustment
Titanium Coated Ceramic Blade
180min Battery Life

Five-Segment short hair trimmingEasily create exquisite transitions
Five-Segment movable knife adjustment Round inch also needs To Be natural and smooth crossing.Easily trim sideburns and neck
contours.Moving knife length: 0.5mm,0.8mm,1.1mm,1.4mm,1.7mm


Titanium coated ceramic movable knife Efficient cutting, smooth and sharp
Mijia's first titanium-coated ceramic knife is made of titanium coating widely used in aerospace,
long-lasting sharpness smooth running while maintaining better temperature control. system.
It is not easy to oxidize and rust and keep the tool clean for a long time.
No fear of differences in hair quality
The hardness of the fixed knife is HV 650-720*, and the hardness of the ceramic titanium-coated
the movable knife is HV 1200-1500*, which has stronger abrasion resistance.
Long-term sharp operation
After running for 300 hours, there is no significant decrease in shear performance.

180min long battery life
Using 2200mAh large-capacity lithium battery, Type-Cinterface,it can last up to 180min* with
one charge, meeting the needsof the whole family for haircuts.At the same time, it supportscharging and using at the same time

The whole machine is IPX7 waterproof*
Worry-free clean and healthy After use, it can be directly rinsed with water to quickly clean the broken hair and rinse off.


Smart drip reminder
When to maintain itat a glance
The self-developed algorithm accurately calculates the current,and the automatic light reminds
when the oil is lacking, so as toavoid the lack of oil in the cutter head and affect the user
experience,and even the hairdresser knows when to drip the oil.